The DAO 20 Awards: 25,000 $CLUB to 20 Impactful DAO Contributors
December 24th, 2021

**Yesterday we announced the launch of $CLUB - Seed Club’s membership token. Today we’re sharing the first way new $CLUB holders can shape the future of Seed Club.

Voting is Live. Vote Now!**

Our first initiative is the DAO 20 Awards, a self-nominated token race in which 25,000 $CLUB tokens will be allocated to 20 impactful members of the DAO ecosystem.

Having a deep contributor network is critical for the success of Seed Club. It’s what attracts the best projects to join, and what helps us provide immense value.

The DAO 20 Awards are a call for this talent to raise their hands and signal their desire to join the Seed Club DAO.

Here’s how.

DAO 20 Awards

Interested participants will have until Dec 27th at 11:59pm PST to self-nominate themselves via this form. (EDIT: Applications are CLOSED)

DAO 20 Awards Voting will begin January 5th at 9am PT. Voting will close at 10:30 am PT on Friday January 7th, 2022.

To be eligible to vote you must have $CLUB in your wallet at 6am PT January 5th.

Note: The DAO 20 Award Voting period has changed from what was originally communicated in order to allow more people to claim tokens and be eligible to participate in the race voting.

Once voting closes, the top 20 nominees will receive an allocation of $CLUB based on their position in the race.

A breakdown of the distribution can be viewed here.

Who’s Eligible ?

Anyone is eligible to participate, though past contributors to Seed Club are encouraged to sit out in favor of new contributors. Please share this with all your DAO friends who may be interested in what we’re building.

If you have any questions, come into Discord and ask away!

To those who have made the DAO landscape into what it is today - we look forward to building together in 2022.

Web3 is positive sum, and we hope the DAO 20 Awards are one of many ways for Seed Club to put ownership into the hands of those creating the most value.

Applications are now CLOSED. Voting starts January 5th. Good luck to all aplicants!

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