SC03 Accelerator Vote

The participants for Seed Club's third Accelerator cohort will be selected by $CLUB token holders using this SC03 Accelerator token-based vote. Additional information on each candidate is available here (
Voting ended 09/15/2021
What is your project and why do you want to launch a community token?
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Gordon Gould /

Our goal is to create an NFT-seeded DAO that is focused on becoming the largest nongovermental ocean awareness, research, and protection resource allocator in the world. We believe in the maxim, "change the money, change the world." We want to use our social tokens to help organize, grow, and empower a global community of concerned citizens to help funnel needed resources to renew and restore ocean wildlife.

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Flex Chapman

Our goal is to build a fully engaged & motivated community for us to drive towards our goal of owning an NBA team. There is a combination of work to be done, collectiveness, & community that we hope to succeed with a social token.

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Malcolm Levy

To create a festival framework where artists, curators, partners and attendees become part of a community which has the ability to proliferate and grow around installations, performances and ongoing experiments.

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Jordan William

Unite the psychedelic community together to compete against the financial behemoths entering the space. Continue furthering psychedelics to revolutionize mental health.

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Cherie Hu

The overall goal for introducing a Water & Music social token is to incentivize and reward collaborative knowledge-building in the music industry. After doing a lot of my own research, I think social tokens and DAO infrastructure would be an ideal path for leveraging the collective knowledge and expertise of Water & Music’s readership to generate new insights and perspectives on the music industry that no one has seen before, and to reward the top contributors to this new research model.

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O'Plérou Grebet

I want to introduce social tokens to my community to offer them the possibility to co-own the project, reward them for their contributions and allow them to make decisions about the evolution of the project.

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Dave Krugman

I want my community to be invested in the success of the project, and earn the ability to have a say in how we steer the ship. I started ALLSHIPS as a rebellion against the titans of web2, a ragtag group of people who are sick of playing to algorithms and attention economies. When I found Web3, it was like I had discovered the plans to the death star. I want to use this tech to leverage a better relationship to technology for all creative types.

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Brady Keehan

Initial group membership will be NFT-based. We are a service-based DAO, so our business model will be highly centralized at first.

In time, as the community grows, we’d like to issue a token to help decentralize our platform.

When we do launch a token, $HEAT holders will:

  • Vote on governance proposals and recipients of grants.
  • Access exclusive IRL & URL events.
  • Receive perks from affiliate networks and communities.
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Marvin Lin

Social tokens would be a critical component in supporting the TMT DAO. They would represent shared ownership, enable community governance, incentivize and reward contributors, attract new members, and monetize content/finance projects.

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Alana Podrx

Our project is to take the data, deal flow, and content that has been our driving force and put it behind an access token that will support our moderators and members in sharing in the value we create – together.

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Hadrien Royo

Our social token is a tool to intensify both creative energy and player to player relationships. The $Cryptid token is meant to create a sense of ownership and participation in the success of Crypto-Z that they have helped generate. It is a also a currency exchangeable for digital collectibles and future Crypto-Z content. Finally the token will be exchanged “in-game” as a way for players to reward their “gamemasters”. We see our token as a narrative extension to our fictional world and a first step to a more decentralized approach to Crypto-Z . Crypto-Z will grow into a DAO following a rpg-like character growth system through levels and experience points unlocking new privileges or “abilities” in the Crypto-Z world.

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Matt Leising

To fund the Tinsel DAO treasury and have an incentive available for directors or other film executives to become involved with one of our projects.

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AJ Washington

Social tokens will form the basis of the point system in the game, allowing players to earn tokens for playing, winning, active participation in the ongoing development and governance of the game as members of the Jelly Jeezus Players Association) JJPA. We're also interested in exploring how tokens can be utilized to develop handicapping system for players, similar to what exists in the game of Golf.

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Jonathan Hillis

We are building a decentralized city, and tokens are our governance layer. We are interested in partnering with Seed Club because we believe we have a lot more to learn about social tokenomics, community management, and growth.

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11,000 Votes

Kennedy McDaniel

We came to tokens as a way to enable the incentive aligning structures we identified as critical for our community ethos. Specifically we think about this in terms of staking, intentional churn, and continued value creation.

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10,000 Votes


Want to use community tokens to create a deeper connection to the institution. We will use these to gate our events as well as to apply perks/rewards to people to contribute to our cause.

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Regina Harsanyi, Kelani Nichole, Sarah Moosvi /

Governance tokens would allow the working group, collectors, and artists to vote on case studies and policies, reward quality input, and get access to special events.

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Nadya Pussy Riot Tolokonnikova

to grow and empower our feminist community, and to use blockchain tech to fund public goods.

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Edward Saatchi (password: theculture)

Bring the crypto and AI communities together

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To empower a community of talented humans (artists/collectors/NFT-savvy professionals) collectively driven to improve the NFT landscape while incentivizing community stewardship and contributions of both creators and community members. Marketing is the crux of almost every successful project and our mission is to decentralize it while growing a treasury to fund dope artists, causes and development opportunities.

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Nick Hollins

Our genesis NFT ‘dreams’ will provide credentials for the first 200 members, raise seed funds for a creator DAO, and open a token-gated community on Discord. Founding members could receive tokens via this NFT, with access to art projects, virtual events, and other rewards into the future as early adopters/supporters/contributors.

Membership will expand with the Elves, 10,000 unique pfp NFT characters ready for the metaverse, with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. We are keen to be part of Seed Club 03 to workshop and further improve on these ideas for building community, and best practices for implementing in NFTs, DAOs, crypto art, etc.

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Dan and Hawkins

"I'm part of an anonymous community that performs random acts of kindness around the world... this week we're leaving envelopes of cash in library books". Kindness DAO member, or... "This week someone randomly paid for my dinner... they said they were part of some online DAO". Random stranger: These are the types of stories I want people to share. That's my goal.

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Angelo Alessio

Gaining access to IRL coworking hubs for build_members.

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Shubham Yadav

Its a governance token of the project which gives community to right to determine auction parameters.

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Georgia Bamber

no community link

We are hoping that a social token in the vegan space will increase the value and cohesiveness of the movement and be an attractive driver of community growth. It will be used to encourage people to use more vegan products and service providers, growing the vegan ecosystem, as well as to provide an incentive for people to teach and learn, with the knock-on effects of greatly enhancing the lifestyle and all it stands for.

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Kevin Duquette

This is what we need the most help with, and serves as our main reason for applying to the accelerator program. Participation is the core principle here for us—stewardship, inter-DAO token incentives, redemption models, and decision making—creating opportunities for our community to be more collaborative overall.

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Caleb Alikwe

The introduction of Social token would be used to effectively rewards active members of the community as well as promote liveliness amongst the members.

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Anna Luther

I would love to make my community a proof of concept for how a twitch musician can transition to a web3 model. This way we would avoid the 50% cut that Twitch takes from streamers when people subscribe and the percentage PayPal takes when people tip.

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Bridget Greenwood

The Bigger Pie community is active and supportive, I'd love to see a way to reward those that contribute to the community in the various ways. Whether that's as active members, those who are great at inviting others to our growing community, those who roll their sleeves up and get involved with projects, and those who choose to be on the advisory board etc.

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Jason Younker (Yonks)

Social tokens will provide a means for governance. We are also planning on utilizing our social tokens as a proof of community & contribution.

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Andrei Taranu

We're building an economy for deep learning applications. There is no community yet, just the team and the product.

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Rabih El Chaar Bring affordable, sustainable and reliable power to areas in the Middle East and North Africa that currently are facing acute power outages affecting the livelihood of millions in the region

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Theresa Kennedy

Proof of community or contribution. For those who contribute to the community they would have an economic incentive through the social token to participate in the expansion of REtoken DAO LLC.

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Rune Bentien

Help founders increase their chances of building successful companies and create lasting impact. We believe social tokens can be a powerful tool for founder to get support from backers, friends and build communities around them and their businesses.

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Jon Dengler

Leveraging the best tool that will empower us to accomplish our efforts to collaborate and invest in our city. Build unity and intentionally, raise capital, invest in the ecosystem and build a better reality at home

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Mahoney Turnbull

We want to empower a community of web3-hungry listeners to have ownership in a new podcast that serves the ecosystem. Our vision is to co-create epic web3-focussed content that resonates with diverse audiences. This means sunsetting the Supertilt podcast and birthing a fresh podcast built on web3.

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Gwen O'Brien

I want to take out the middleman, the design agency, from the design/project equation and offer more to designers for their work.

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Ibrahima Kebe

The goal is to understand the infrastructure that goes behind the social token as as well as creating a value behind a token to be highly sought and traded.

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melanie maynard

Besides our desire to use social tokens for governance, voting, and reward, we are here as a group to understand how the structure in place can be developed further. We are a super open and adaptive group full of people with growth-mindsets!

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Caroline Fernandes

  1. cultivating a safe space to connect cross-culturally.

  2. to encourage respectful supportive engagement, appreciation of mentorship/ authenticity via story-telling, guidance as the mainstay & foundation of the community experience.

  3. each of the above becomes a way to earn rewards/ tokens

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Kenneth Moncur

iFANS Token is a decentralized fundraising project exclusively for IslandFans. We will tokenize its social media platform. This will allow IslandFans' community of celebrities, creators, musicians and influencers to collectively regulate the economic structure and governance for the IslandFans Creative-Fund.

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Filipe Macedo

Talent Protocol is a blockchain platform to mint, store and exchange personal tokens with a social layer on top that adds positive network effects. Talent Protocol is a community-driven organization powered by the native governance token $TAL.

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Mike Cunsolo

Character Lab collaborates with artists to create community-owned character-based IP. Tokens will allow any value created to be distributed fairly to the whole community based on contribution.

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Will Deane

Engage community and allow decentralized decision making across games and asset acquisition with use of our treasury funds.

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Dmitry Garin

  1. Reward loyal members and artists who have been with us for many years.
  2. Incentivize behaviors that stimulate label’s growth (new projects, new marketing strategies, etc)
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Justin Shenkarow

My goal for introducing social tokens to our community is to allow the community to invest in the project, earn rewards, interest, and access to an incredible creative team for participating and believing in the project early on. My overall goal is to showcase documentaries can create fantastic ROI and prove to centralized platforms like Netflix and HBO that a documentary film started from a social token built with a community is going to disrupt the way creatives build community and finance film and television projects.

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Lucas Uema

Allow people of the world to organize around sustainable mobility in cities + NFT discovery through exploration and fun!

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Braden Gebavi

To start I want to release NFTs as player access cards, then use those funds as liquidity for our social coin listing. Owners of the first batch of NFTs will also be able to become LPs on top of the premium access to creator's content.

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Kent Nichols

Our Agent community is our most important customer. We can get all the video work in the world, but all those clients are meaningless without the Agent community of content creators looking to use their multimedia talents for part-time work. The coin is a direct representation of what we believe is the future of the gig economy and how people may decide how and where they will make part-time money.
The Agent coin shows the value of how much and how well received their work is at ABAC. A POAP token for attending one of our community fireside chats is ok, but the community coin will be more meaningful as both a metric of success and ownership. And that is just the start!

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Andrew Singleton

I have been working for years to redesign venture capital.

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John McDermott

We want to grow the digital economy around comedy and help comedians form solid fanbases that support their work.

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Yuri Beats

foster trust, community and collaboration. maybe even cool :)

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To make people that are banked help people that are unbanked

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Ben Ray

no community link

Social tokens are essential for the interaction dynamics of my community. My goal is to build a system with the same read&write richness of in-person interaction.

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Paulius Gutauskas

Firstly for governance and community rewards. The second layer would be for early investment opportunities.

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Chad Hugghins

I want to give a group of creatives the ability to find and fund artistic development for filmmakers and storytellers, and share in their success. I want to build the Web 3 version of the Sundance Institute, and create a path towards Universal Creative Income for filmmakers.

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Kristopher Sheppard

The goal is to give them a sense of belonging a way to be part of the greatest revolution ever. They will be able to own a say so in the future of entertainment and help us to shape it in the communities image. It is no longer about capitalization, but inclusion. Together is how we grow, all for one and one for all (sorta my life motto).

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Andrey Savin

Involving as many people as possible in the project using motivating factors and personal interest of each individual.

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David Espinosa de Los Monteros

My vision for the DAO is to bridge the community members both public/private and DeFi Trader Team to align incentives. Grow membership and provide value to both DeFi Trader team and private members. Also allowing more community members to earn access into the private discord through seasons or value added task to the DAO.

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Russell Ballard

We hope to bridge creators/ artists from Web 2.0- Web 3.0. Focusing on underserved communities predominantly poc and minoritie communities.

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Danielle "Lu Lu" Johnson

Our goal is to develop a social token that revolutionizes current transactional norms, and most importantly, creating the vehicle that awards ownership to those responsible for its creation.

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Jason Berg

To make people that are banked help people that are unbanked

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Asya Abddrahman

To connect community tangibly, build wealth collectively, and fund projects.

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Cody Maimone

provide more value and incentive for fans/community members to listen/share and feel apart of the art/music/content i put out.

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Sam Holako

Sports fandom is inherently social and community-centric and with our token we hope to be able to create cooler experiences, better engage our community, and allow them to finally share in the value they’ve helped create over the past 15 years.

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Gnana Lakshmi

  1. To create a mentorship network for those interested in getting started/exploring web3.

  2. To facilitate educational bootcamps and 1-1 learning time for interested folks.

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Rafael Calcada

Make tangible for everyone how much they helped me evolve and are part of this project and to distribute ownership/control of my hands.

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Joshua Baek

Aligning incentives for DAO growth, it’d be ancillary to the primary asset (the NFTs)

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Alex Phelps

Helping empower other creators and social token holders to be successful and positive ambassadors for the Web3 space.

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Eric Brown

The real goal here is to determine the best possible use of social tokens within Phoenix Culture. Several ideas/possibilities are present, and would like to narrow the scope and execute:

  • Restricting access to the Phoenix DAO/DHO: those who are truly committed to the cause can join and begin doing paid work.
  • Rewarding contributions and demonstrating access/participation.
  • Providing holders opportunities for in-person events (retreats, residency at the centre, etc.)
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Eric Mack

To introduce incentives to encourage participation in co-created world-building.

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Johannah Maher

The introduction of the social token enables our Impact-to-Earn model, where we can reward users to earn tokens based on the positive impact they make.

This helps us take the gaming elements of the platforms to new levels and enables a highly scalable layer of economics rewards on top of our existing points system, establishing a true alternative to the incumbents in our space. On Impactr you come for the community, but you stay for the economy.

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Kriston Rucker

We want Weirdo to create shared value for its community of filmmakers, fans and backers—by rewarding positive contribution with both financial rewards and curatorial influence. We see potential for applications of tokens at every level, from the platform itself and interest groups, to creators and individual projects.

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Hannah Dalmolin

To facilitate jobs and audiences for spiritual teachers and masters to reach people in the metaverse. Go create a place of beauty for learning and growth and incentivize learning

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Brennen Schlueter

Incentivize experts from music and web3 to find web3 solutions to music problems.

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Damon Peters

The community will receive incentives and rewards for activities which contribute to the flywheel that grows the community and/or the products and projects I/we build or collaborate with. Tokens holders will gain access to purchase NFT season tickets to content and contribution opportunities, as well as a first look at new products and projects I am able to arrange for the community. I will have tiered access from free to premium with escalating advantages. I want to be sure to provide a grant pool and liquidity provider opportunities for the purpose of contributors having the opportunity to trade their tokens.

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Adam Blumberg

We need an incentive measure for those creating content, learning, and helping to grow the platform.

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Christian Deciga

no more shitcoins 202020

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Jordan Claspell

To establish a token-gated community with curated performances, community-directed funding for valued projects, and collab/mentorship opportunities.

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