SC04 Accelerator Vote

The accelerator is the core of Seed Club. The top 10 projects from this vote will be admitted into SC04. A selection committee will curate an additional 5 - 10 projects, for a total of 15 - 20. See #sc04-recommendations for member curated lists.
Voting ended 01/27/2022
What is the description and goal of your community?
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Mirage is a Decentralized AR marketplace for augmented art, experiences and dynamic content stored on the blockchain as NFTs. By storing the location-based metadata from any file, we are ensuring assets on the platform are experienced within the context artists intended.

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12,637.712 Votes

Music OS


At Hifi Labs we're ready to activate our community through collaborating on our biggest project yet, MusicOS DAO.

Our goal of MusicOS will be to build an interface that acts as a web3 dashboard for musicians and fans, like is for DeFi, this should be for Mirror Crowdfunds, Catalog, Sound, and other popular tools being used by musicians today.

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12,112.553 Votes



Kali is a DAO deployment and services system focused on making the legal and technical details involved in raising money, making payments, and resolving disputes much simpler and automated. Success looks like: Stripe Atlas for DAOs.

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11,605.16 Votes



Our project is Metalabel. We provide resources, tools, community, support, and funding to what we call “culture labels” — collaborative projects like record labels, art collectives, filmmakers, publishers, activists, and new forms like DAOs.

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COLORS is a stage for non-ordinary expression. Since starting 5 years ago, our YouTube channel has gathered nearly 6 million subscribers and 2 billion views. Our audiences on Instagram and Twitter are 1.2M+ and 123.2K+ respectively. We have recorded shows with over 500 artists and currently produce 100 shows per year. We pride ourselves in being able to give a stage to underrepresented artists and their narratives.

We are creating a DAO to include our global community of artists and creators in our activities ranging from curation, contextualization through editorial, to ongoing support & sustenance through network access and funds.

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11,380.568 Votes

gmgn Supply


gmgn Supply co. is a CPG DAO looking to disrupt the likes of Unilever, Nestlé, and Procter & Gamble. Inspired by General Mills’ mission to have “more than 100 brands in more than 100 countries on six continents,” our call to adventure is “WAGB1B” - we’re going to build 100 brands.

Our community will develop and launch Web3-native CPG brands (cereals, toothpaste, etc.). Community members will hold NFTs tied to each CPG brand, thereby enabling ownership and participation in governance and profit-sharing. The first product we plan to launch is “gm Cereal,” and we’re currently building partnerships with dozens of high profile PFP projects, including Bored Ape Yacht Club.

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The DAO is an attempt to build a community around Song A Day, and the stated mission is to A) Help Song A Day be heard by as many people as possible, B) Spread the meme of daily creativity and C) To help other musicians find a sustainable living through web3.

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10,642.637 Votes

Boys Club


We’re a no bro zone for the crypto curious. We’re a social club intentionally designed to create an attractive space for women and non-binary people to journey through web3 and crypto as they are getting started in a warm and welcoming environment. We run IRL events, group chats and design curriculum. Our goal is to onboard 100,000 women to web3 in 2022.

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10,623.876 Votes



ClimateDAO is a decentralized fund for crowd-sourced investor activism focused on climate action. Our mission is to empower a strong trustless community by aligning incentives using web3 enabling us to decarbonize corporations through shareholder activism.

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The team at Floppy seeks to introduce an innovative Web3 platform for new to blockchain music producers and existing crypto-enthusiasts alike. We are building a First Person Sampler (FPS), 3D game environment, in which you will be able to interact with our Decentralized Audio Workstation (DAW), which is modeled after contemporary digital audio workstations with an old-school spin.

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8,993.627 Votes



Pentagraph is a mostly-human multimedia-making supersquad harnessing decentralized frameworks and regenerative crypto-economic models to transform writing on the Internet. The result is a positive-sum ecosystem bursting with bounteous storytelling hijinx. Gather round the campfire for web3.

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8,942.026 Votes

Caféteria DAO


Caféteria is a curated community for people passionate about food. We're building an online and offline food community along with a web3 version of food editorial (Eater/Michelin Guide) and reviews platform (Yelp/Google Reviews).

7,816 Votes



Twali is the professional services marketplace DAO. We’re building a marketplace, where web3 companies can post bounties for non-technical work for our community of experts to bid on. Here’s an example: say Seed Club needed a lawyer to pull together a boiler plate token warrant for members to use to fundraise. Seed Club would post a bounty on Twali and lawyers on platform would bid for work.

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5,894.623 Votes

Good Work


Good Work is an ecosystem that leverages the power of art for social good. Our DAO is made up of artists and developers along with their fans and enablers. Our projects are designed as web3 experiments in sustainable, systemic change. We just completed our Groundbreaking Season where we mentored 12 Haitian artists and launched a collection of their work on Foundation.

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4,224.307 Votes



XLR8R is a legacy publishing brand that has been pushing forward independent music and culture for 28 years. We want XLR8R DAO to become the leading music and Web3 publisher and creative studio, owned by its community.

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HPEC is a DAO of Physicians (Doctors) that uses decentralized identity to empower the physician community to care for patients free from third party influence or interference. Our DAO is also creating our future decentralized physician healthcare access marketplace driven by direct physician design, input, engagement and service.

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Mochi is one part DAO coordination game, one part crypto social club. Our mission is to help people stick together.

Mochi, the DAO coordination game, is an Ethereum dApp + Discord bot. To play, members bond ETH and commit to working towards one goal for two months. @mochibot tracks, shares, and rewards daily check-ins with tokens, and penalizes no-shows by slashing bonded ETH.

Mochi, the crypto social club, currently hosts monthly dance parties (pandemic permitting) and organizes two member trips a year. We also host bi-monthly online meet-ups centered around common interests, and follow a community practice of shared consumption, critique, and synthesis that culminates in our bi-annual NFT zine.

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Grow Your Own Cloud


Our community is known as Grow Your Own Cloud (GYOC). Our mission is to transform data centres from carbon creators to carbon absorbers using DNA data storage technology. To do that we have developed a core team and wider collaborative community around our project of designers, artists, technologists and scientists to bring this into reality.

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Artizen transforms funding for art, science, and public goods. By making it easy for communities to crowdfund new grants, curate the awards, and earn NFTs from the winning projects, Artizen democratizes ownership of our public goods. Our mission is to radically expand support for the visionaries and problem-solvers who are building the world we want to live in.

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2,149.05 Votes

Community Design DAO


We want to transition Community Design™ (our community building course) into a DAO. Specifically, we want to explore how Community Design can harness even faster community innovation and serve as an important onramp for more people to start, join, and successfully contribute to new and/or evolving communities.

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First Avenue


First Avenue is at the center of independent music in the U.S. and an icon that is synonymous with Minneapolis no matter where you are in the world. Everyone knows the black building with silver stars on the wall, and some of your favorite musicians may have even referenced it in a song. We have been at the heart of the community for over 50 years, and want to use the strength of our passionate following to further unite music and entertainment lovers worldwide, and give both fans and artists deepened shared experiences across the globe.

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1,701 Votes

Breaking The Lines


BTL is a media hub disrupting global sports journalism with more than 200 collaborators all over the globe. Our goal is to creating one of the biggest and most reliable sports newsrooms in Web3.

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MUSE DAO is an initiative envisioned and created by the founders of Groupmuse, the largest grassroots community of classical musicians and music lovers in the world (180,000+ members worldwide). MUSE DAO runs on $MUSE, a social token offering unprecedented potential to revolutionize the way in which value is generated and distributed among artists in the classical music community and beyond.

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1,594 Votes

Thirsty Thirsty


We are a global food and beverage community that connects restaurants, winemakers, farmers, and land protectors across the globe. We believe we can luxuriate in delicious, quality sourced food and wine while giving back to environmental initiatives that center ancestral agriculture.

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1,560 Votes

Found Sound Nation


Found Sound Nation is a global community of 375 musicians in 61 countries, chosen from over 30,000 applicants for their skill, diversity and commitment to social impact. Over 10 years FSN has built this community by organizing festivals, tours, youth workshops and creative retreats around the world, and has helped its artists raise over 1.6 million for innovative arts, education, and community initiatives. FSN DAO brings this community to web3 to unlock new audiences and NFT market opportunities, and found a global cultural collective co-owned by artists and fans.

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1,515 Votes

The Sports DAO


We want to be the number one destination for sports and web3 lovers. Success will be a sports NFT platform, a sports metaverse and a series of DAOs and sub daos that own iconic IP, sports teams and sports leagues.

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1,262 Votes

Art Machine


What will the Metaverse look like as a space for storytelling, ten years out? Our mission is to seed experiments that guide us toward that future, to develop and deliver immersive art experiences that capture the most important visual stories and ideas of our time, helping steward the future of storytelling while inspiring participants to become stakeholders through NFT sales by and for artists, organizations and communities.

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Scarlet is focused on accelerating education and adoption of web3 primitives at Rutgers University. We want to onboard 500 students onto crypto in 18 months. We will accomplish this by providing content, community, and tools for engaging with web3 to attract, engage, and delight students.

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We're going to be the town hall for all NFT communities, where everything about the project lives in one place and collectors can focus on fun instead of friction. This interoperability will make NFTs social and fun instead of mentally taxing like they are now.

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Impssbl is a decentralized Disney/Marvel/Dreamworks that builds AI-made virtual popstar, writers, artists and fashion designers that produce NFT projects on&off chain.

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The Destiny Magi


The Destiny Magi is a community for radical self-discovery, connection and synchronicity guided by the ancient lore of the destiny cards. The basis of the destiny cards is the 52-card playing deck, which is the origin of modern tarot decks. We pull elements from astrology, tarot, games like Magic the Gathering, and the cards of destiny to create a way to collaborate and co-discover the meaning behind your birth date, personal life path, and destiny.

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Ziome is a community space that connects creators working in regenerative development, both virtually and IRL, with our first location now open in Wynwood, Miami. Our mission is to create a community hub where innovators, artists, scientists, and everyone in between collaborate to fund sustainable and replicable community projects and businesses for the regeneration of the natural world.

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Identification of Music


Our call to adventure is to identify, nurture & platform the newest talent and voices in the underground music world, giving our community stake and ownership in a platform that we hope will grow to become a major cultural force in music.

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Lore is a generative storytelling project which pairs humans and AI to create beautifully illustrated on-chain collaborative stories. Our mission is to create the storytelling protocol for Web3.

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SearchBar's call to adventure is to make online shopping enjoyable again. Getting to the great finds that make the internet special is a lot of work, and it’s not fun! With SearchBar, shoppers, brands, creators, and curators come together to make the shopping experience easier, enjoyable and rewarding for those that actually drive value (the creators)!

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