SC05 Demo Day

Demo Day is finally here, the culmination of 12 weeks of incredible building by Seed Club’s 5th Accelerator cohort.


This cohort represents the most promising onchain organizations building with community ownership as a first principle, and they’re why we believe the future of web3 remains bright. The 16 cohort members were chosen out of 200+ applicants. Our most diverse cohort to date, projects span music, tooling, art, DeSci, psychedelics, climate, education, CPG, marketing, and gen z.

Without further ado, the SC05 Demo Day lineup 👇


Daily grants for human creativity.

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Backdrop [Studio]

We're decentralizing professional networks for the internet-native economy -- think Farcaster for professional networks. Backdrop is an invite-only, curated network full of great builders and founders creating the next million community-owned businesses. Apply today to join us!

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We’re here to help you find your art world + become an art collector.

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Early Majority [Studio]

Early Majority is a tokenized community that makes gear for getting outside. Mint your Genesis Member NFT at

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Jump [SC03]

Launching brands into the future. Mint your genesis news rocket at

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Moments of Space

We’re on a journey to harness the power of technology, community, and meditation to fuel a collective awakening of consciousness. Sign our open letter.

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We’re the ultimate marketing ecosystem, optimized for a web3 future, NOW.

We are a highly vetted community of the best growth hackers, strategists, and creatives organized as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

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PsyDAO is a decentralized collective funding research at the intersection of psychedelics + mental health.

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Financial Freedom is Feminine

SheFi empowers women and non-binary folks to unlock financial freedom through crypto education, experimentation, and community.

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Signature Capsules (FKA Made with Love)

Fashion has a new face. And it’s multi-player. On-chain infrastructure for creators. Each capsule drop splits revenue transparently to all product contributors and creators, enabling growth through shared ownership of decentralized brands.

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We are The Explorers Club forging new pathways between music, technology, and culture to reclaim a lost era of creative freedom. Mint your founding member passport at

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Take Up Space

Community-owned media you can actually see yourself in. Come join us to build the future of decentralised, intersectional media. Mint your founding member pass at

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The Symmetrical

We are the access point for GenZ in web3. Mint your founding support NFT at

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Verse Studios

Verse Studios is a web3 entertainment company where creating digital groups, making hits and building stories is an interactive journey where fans have a voice. Mint your Freak

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W/ is a music community that brings together people we are about to work on projects we care about. We are a support system of industry experts, emerging artists and innovators in music, visual arts, fashion, and technology with the aim to curate and elevate creative projects we care about. A collaborative and self-sustaining ecosystem with music at its core – a record label only you’re a part of it.

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Weed Works

WeedWorks is a global community of scientists, biohackers, and cannabis aficionados on a mission to explore and understand how to use cannabis more intentionally.

Through education and experimentation together we can build this collective knowledge to shepherd the cannabis industry into a new era focused on specific uses & effects. Mint your Buds NFT at

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Where web3 goes to work.

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