Winners of the DAO 20 Awards

The DAO 20 Awards is a self-nominated token race in which 25,000 $CLUB tokens will be allocated to 20 impactful members of the DAO ecosystem.

A deep contributor network is critical for the success of Seed Club. It’s what attracts the best projects to join, and what helps us provide immense value. The DAO 20 Awards are a call for this talent to raise their hands and signal their desire to join the Seed Club DAO.

Today, we’re excited to announce the winners of the first DAO 20 Awards. They are:

  1. @markredito
  2. @rafathebuilder
  3. @chaserchapman
  4. @helloshreyas
  5. @kdaverington
  6. @divine_economy
  7. @jackspallone
  8. @blockchainjames
  9. @roveneliah
  10. @willpapper
  11. @jonjyan
  12. @derekgtaylor
  13. @alexxzzhang
  14. @gaby_goldberg
  15. @0x_Lucas
  16. @_kinjalbshah
  17. @JuliaLipton
  18. @0xJim
  19. @raihan_
  20. @SpaceXponential

Congratulations on your well earned and deserved win!

Welcome to Seed Club.

Seed Club is an incubator for web3 communities.

It’s what you get when you intersect mission-driven builders with web3 leaders. We are a growing family of creators, mentors, and contributors building the future of community.

Our network is what makes Seed Club valuable. The DAO 20 Awards are intended to welcome you into this network, recognize your contribution to the greater DAO ecosystem, as well as encourage you to participate in Seed Club DAO projects. With $CLUB in the world, we are gearing up for our biggest chapter yet. We are counting on your help to keep the ship on course.

Thank you for raising your hand and signalling your desire to join us on this new journey.

$CLUB Distribution

We will be allocating $25,000 $CLUB tokens to your wallets next week. A breakdown of the distribution can be viewed here.

The official contract address for $CLUB is: 0xf76d80200226ac250665139b9e435617e4ba55f9

Please triple check that you are interacting with the correct $CLUB token and be weary of scammers!

What To Do Next?

Join us on Discord where you can access token-gated channels, share your DAO ideas openly with the CLUB family, and contribute to future DAO projects. Contact @pandy#9526 directly on Discord to get your role.

Next week, we are hosting a welcome meeting to officially onboard you to the community (info will be on Discord).

Seed Club is currently forming working groups: Research & Education, Marketing & PR, Product, and Community. You have the opportunity to shape Seed Club’s upcoming Season 0 as a contributor or group leader.

You also get the opportunity to curate and vote on the upcoming accelerator cohort. Our fourth accelerator cohort, SC04, is set to kick-off in early February. With over 200 applicants, we need your help curating which projects should be accepted into the 6-week program. More info on voting to come.

We look forward to building with you.

Thank You!

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