About The Market Moment

Friends, we want to acknowledge the impact of this current moment for many of our collaborators, contributors, and project teams. There are tangible – in some cases significant – financial implications of the events of the last week.

We feel this. We want you all to know that we’re in this together.

And yet we build.

We build with focus and depth. As markets shift, our work hasn’t changed. We’re still here to build with great projects and great people – and we feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do this. 

A friend recently called us “weathered,” and we don’t disagree. Many of us remember the crashes of previous cycles. We witnessed projects contract and sunset, and we also witnessed teams coalesce around their shared vision for a generative future. 

This is a call to focus. Through the noise, the commotion, and the disruption, we invite our Seed Club community to keep building with purpose. 🌱 lftg.

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