Seed Club Announces SC03: Our Third Accelerator Cohort

Seed Club is where communities build and learn faster, together about community tokens, DAO’s and web3.

Our Accelerator convenes cohorts of projects to learn, connect and build a future leveraging web 3 technologies with community tokens at the core.

We call ourselves an accelerator to make the comparison to web2 easier, but in reality we go so much deeper. SeedClub is web3 cultural immersion. The language, the norms, the customs, the values are all different from any world before.

Participants of our program have gone on to be some of the most forward thinking and prominent projects in the space. Past cohort alumni include Andre Anjos ($RAC), Carlos Gomes ($FOREFRONT), Joyce Yang, ($GCR), Jeff Kauffman ($JUMP), Austin Robey ($AMPLED) and Alex Masmej ($ALEX).

Today we announce our third cohort.

The mind-blowing quality and quantity of the applicants for our third cohort are a testament to how much tokenized communities are catching on. We had 80+ applications and are accepting 15 into the program, both our largest numbers to date.

Meet SC03

We’re delighted to officially announce the participants of our third cohort.

ALLSHIPS - A community of creatives rebelling against the algorithms and attention economy of web2 and redefining what it means to create content on the internet.

Creator Cabins - A community of remote cabins for independent online creators and an experiment in the building of decentralized cities.

Crypto-Z - A popular drama podcast and emerging fictional cinematic metaverse.

Eve Wealth - A community for women to build wealth through sharing expertise, portfolio strategies and investment opportunities.

Heat DAO - A creative studio focused on the creation of provenant digital assets for this emerging digital world.

Krause House - A community of basketball fans whose goal is to collectively own and govern an NBA franchise.

Only.One - A DAO focused on becoming the largest non-governmental ocean awareness, research, and protection resource allocator in the world.

Phlote DAO - A black-owned design DAO exploring the decentralized curation of art, music, and NFTs.

Pussy Riot - A protest art group that started an art-activist movement in Russia and worldwide ten years ago. Today, hundreds of people identify as a part of the Pussy Riot community.

Refraction Festival - Creating a web3 festival framework to bring together artists, curators, partners and attendees in previously unexplored ways.

Tinsel DAO - Focused on collecting intellectual property to option and develop into documentary series, documentary feature and scripted feature films.

Tiny Mix Tapes - Transitioning from its existence as a successful music media publication into a web3 digital cooperative allowing them to focus on membership over impressions, community over company, the collective space over the platform.

Trippy - Focused on uniting the psychedelic community to compete against the financial behemoths entering the space and help in the fight of revolutionizing mental health.

Water and Music - A newsletter pioneering a new collaborative research model for the music industry with the goal of generating insights and perspectives that no one has seen before.

Zouzoukwa - A project at the intersection of art, design, culture and technology, dedicated to promoting African culture through emojis.

The huge ambitions of these projects and the talent of the founding teams give us chills, and we couldn’t be more pumped to jam with them over the next six weeks and beyond. We are here for the long haul.

For those who didn’t get accepted, or those who want to follow along, we encourage you to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. We’re actively exploring ways to expand the reach of our program and content, so stay close.

For those that did, it’s time to build together.

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