Seed Club Announces SC04: Our Fourth Accelerator Cohort

Seed Club is an incubator for web 3 communities.

The Accelerator program is at our core. It is a place to learn and build alongside like-minded community leaders and some of the best minds in web3.

Since SC01, our projects have gone on to accomplish a 200 ETH raise in 15 minutes (Krause House), onboarding hundreds of brand and marketing execs into a tokenized web3 research community (JUMP) and launching the leading content and insights aggregator on social tokens, DAOs and Web3 (Forefront).

Today we announce our fourth cohort.

We were completely blown away by the quality of projects that applied to be part of this cohort. Thank you to all of the project teams that took the time and care to complete the process.

As the Seed Club DAO transitions to greater community engagement and governance, the project selection process is evolving as well. We will be sharing learnings from this process in the coming weeks, and evaluating and improving it through input from our community members and the Accelerator working group.

Our process:

  1. A trusted selection committee was assembled, made up of accelerator alumni, collaborators, and contributors.
  2. Phase 1: The first round of the process was to filter the candidates based on a specific set of basic criteria: proof of community, proof of communication, proof of execution, proof of leadership, proof of web3 participation, and new web3 models.
  3. Phase 2: Projects that made it through phase 1 had a 1:1 meet up with a committee member. This meeting gave us a chance to get to know each other, to meet the team behind the projects, and get a better understanding of the criteria listed in phase 1.
  4. Phase 3: 35 projects advanced to a token-based selection process for 10 slots, curated by $CLUB holders. As this was our first time involving $CLUB holders in the selection process, we also planned to keep 5-10 remaining spots open for phase 4.
  5. Phase 4: Our selection committee evaluated the remaining projects and ultimately selected 11 projects to include in the cohort. The final selection was based on an additional review of the initial basic criteria, as well as an assessment that projects were at a stage where Seed Club could provide specific value.

Welcome to the Seed Club family, SC04!

We’re thrilled to welcome the 21 projects into the SC04 cohort.

Boys Club is creating an inclusive space for women and non-binary people to journey through web3 and crypto.

BTL’s goal is to create one of the biggest and most reliable sports newsrooms in web3.

Caféteria is a curated community for people passionate about food.

ClimateDAO is building a platform to decarbonize corporations through shareholder activism

COLORS is a stage for non-ordinary expression.

Floppy is a web3 based decentralized audio workstation (DAW) and first person sampler (FPS)

gmgn Supply’s call to adventure is “WAGB1B” - we’re going to build 100 brands.

GYOC’s mission is to transform data centres from carbon creators to carbon absorbers using DNA data storage technology.

Impssbl is building AI-made virtual popstar, writers, artists, and fashion designers that produce NFT projects on & off chain.

Kali is building the Stripe Atlas for DAOs.

Metalabel provides resources and support to collaborative projects or “culture labels”.

Mirage is a Decentralized AR marketplace for augmented art, experiences, and dynamic content stored on the blockchain as NFTs.

Mochi is one part DAO coordination game, one part crypto social club. Our mission is to help people stick together.

Muse is the next generation of arts patronage, using blockchain to transform the lives of classical, historical, and roots musicians.

MusicOS DAO is a community collaboration project by Hifi Labs.

Pentagraph is harnessing decentralized frameworks and regenerative crypto-economic models to transform writing on the Internet.

SongADAO SongADAO is a group of humans who support a song a day, forever.

Sports DAO is a sports-focused NFT and metaverse platform enabled by the $ICONS token.

The Destiny Magi is a community for radical self-discovery, connection, and synchronicity guided by the ancient lore of the destiny cards.

Thirsty Thirsty believes we can luxuriate in delicious, quality sourced food and wine while giving back to environmental initiatives that center ancestral agriculture.

Twali is the professional services marketplace DAO.

We couldn’t be more excited to build and learn with these incredible projects over the next six weeks and beyond. These projects are the ones we will have long-term on-chain relationships with and we are so grateful to be part of your journey.

For the projects that didn’t get accepted, we are actively exploring ways to expand the reach of our educational content beyond the accelerator. If you want to follow along, we encourage you to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

To the 21 projects in SC04, LFTG.

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