Buy this NFT to Sponsor Seed Club’s Creator x Crypto Summit

UPDATE: The auction was a success. Thanks to RaRa Social, and Matthew Chaim for their support

We’re excited to host the first Crypto x Creator Summit from March 31 - April 2. The Summit is an opportunity to bring two worlds together, the vibrant Creator Economy and the dynamic world of Crypto.

Learn more about the Creator x Crypto Summit here.

NFTs, Social tokens, DAOs, and the uncertainties that come with it all are the topics we’ll dive into with some of the leading thinkers from both sides of the web 2.0 / web 3.0 divide. You won't want to miss it (so register here).

Hold NFT = Sponsor the Summit

We’re excited to announce our Summit Sponsorship NFTs. We’ve put 3 NFTs up for auction on Zora, with each NFT representing sponsorship for one day.

We’re big fans of the utility that social tokens and NFTs bring to communities, and it’s a natural fit for us to include NFT’s as part of our Summit roll out.

We’re auctioning off one NFT for each day of the Summit.

The purchaser of the NFT is essentially “unlocking” the content for everyone that day. No tickets, no paywalls, no gates. The NFT holder will get all the thanks, accolades and admiration from our growing community and the thousands of watchers around the world. As a sponsor of Seed Club’s FIRST Creator x Crypto Summit, your NFT will also be immutable proof that you were one of the pioneers who helped launch this premier event.

What Sponsors Get

Winning the NFT auction will entitle each sponsor to the following for the corresponding summit days:

  • Be the named sponsor (name + logo) of each day (on our website, the live stream and in Discord).
  • The opportunity to host a 30-minute session as a capstone for each day. (You better make it good because it’s at the end of the day!!)
  • A bunch of attention and thanks from the various Seed Club social media channels (Twitter, Discord, email).
  • Recognition as an early Seed Club supporter (and all that entails … which is mostly just bragging rights for now, but we plan to make it be something in the future).

About the NFTs

One of our earliest supporters, one of the earliest issuers of a Social Token, and really an early adopter of NFTs (man, this guy is early) is Connie Digital. Connie brings his unique DIGITAL vibes to every piece he creates and we asked him to bring those same vibes to the creation of three Sponsorship NFTs.

You can view and bid on the collection here, or scroll to the end of this page.

Auction Details.

  • Auction will close on Friday March 26th at 6pm Pacific Time.
  • Winners will be chosen by the Seed Club team (we reserve the right not to choose the highest bid).
  • Winners will need to reach out to the Seed Club Twitter and provide proof of ownership prior to unlocking full sponsorship benefits.

Questions or comments. Join our Discord or Twitter

Bid for DAY ONE

Bid for DAY TWO


Questions or comments. Join our Discord or Twitter

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